Some 8 to 10 years ago we published these hikes along GR trails: 10 articles, one for each province in Belgium.
Despite their age, these hikes are still valid. The GR trails, as well as the specific stretches described, have survived time. The articles may seem outdated on some subjects, and the itineraries may have slightly changed over time, but a bit of searching will still result in gpx tracks and/or descriptions of these hikes.


treinOp Weg 2014-2: In the Vesdre valley (Door de Vesdervallei)

Angleur - Nessonvaux (20,5 km) - GR 573

Op Weg 2014-1: A great past, a quiet present (Groots verleden, rustig heden)

Lobbes - Beignée (20 km) - GR 129

Op Weg 2013-6: Over hill and dale (Over berg en dal)

Bilzen - Tongeren (22,7 km) - GR 128

Op Weg 2013-5: More sand needed? (Moet er nog zand zijn?)

3 hikes Wenduine - Oostende - Nieuwpoort - De Panne (59 km) - GR 5A

Op Weg 2013-4: Higher up along the Salm (Hogerop langs de Salm)

2 hikes Trois-Ponts - Vielsalm - Gouvy (34 km) - GR 571

Op Weg 2013-3: A piece of the Antwerp Kempen region (Een stukje Antwerpse Kempen)

Herentals - Geel (20 km) - Regional GR Kempen

Op Weg 2013-2: 120 km from station to station (120 km van station tot station)

5 or more hikes from Namur to Gedinne (120 km) - GR 126

Op Weg 2013-1: In a tiny station, early in the morning (In een klein stationnetje, 's morgens in de vroegte)

Gontrode - Munkzwalm (22 km) - GR 122

Op Weg 2012-6: Nearby and yet different (Dichtbij en toch anders)

Wavre - La Roche (22 km) - GR 121

Op Weg 2012-5: A white-red Hagelander wine (Een wit-rode Hagelander)

Testelt - Diest (18,6 km) - Regional GR Hageland

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