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Op Weg (On the Road, On our Way) is the magazine of the Flemish GR (long distance paths) organisation. It is the reference in Flanders for anyone that has a warm heart for hiking and sightseeing cycling. The members of the organisation receive the magazine 6 times a year. It's also for sale in the better newspaper stores.

The magazine always contains lots of articles on hiking and cycling excursions, especially in Belgium, but also in Europe and sometimes a lot further away.

I've been publishing articles on hiking in Op Weg for many years, and before that i also wrote articles on how to use a gps, and from time to time a column. The articles on hiking are bundled in this menu item. They contain lots of tips for hikes, organised by train, by bus, as day excursions, or as multi-day trips. You'll also find articles on some Walloon GR paths.

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