R-GR 563

 The Land of Herve, that ever-fresh green region with its hedge landscapes, gentle hills and valleys. Not surprisingly, this is a hiker's paradise.
The GR 563 hiking trail, the Tour of the Land of Herve, will leave no hiking enthusiast unmoved.


General info

Between Liège, Aachen and Maastricht, hikers still find plenty of peace and quiet in the unsurpassed ever-green hedge landscapes. Nowhere else are there so many meadow steps and turn-and-turn gates that guide you right through the grass prairies.
The Land of Herve is pure relaxation and enjoyment. Taste (and smell) the artisanal Herve cheese, taste the local ciders, the syrups, and imagine yourself in Cockaigne. Discover the remarkable history of the micro-state of Moresnet, the Gueule valley, the pottery past of Raeren, the Vennbahn, the textile reputation of the Vesdre valley with Verviers and Eupen, the huge terril of Micheroux, and village gems such as Soiron, St-Hadelin, Olne and Dalhem.

As a hiking trail, this 160 km long regional GR never gets boring. The trail is easily accessible. Differences in altitude are limited, so you don't need to be a trained mountain hiker to enjoy all the beauty along the trail.

According to the topoguide, Regional-GR 563 starts in Herve and follows the route counterclockwise. But because it is a loop, you can actually start anywhere.
The topoguide is in its 3rd edition, published in March 2017. The signage is that of a regional GR (in Wallonia GRP - GR de Pays): yellow-red. Little has changed on the trail in recent years, and what has been changed is well documented on the grsentiers.org website.
You can download the route's gpx track for free from the same website.


Map overview 

(this track shows the route as it was in June 2023 on grsentiers.org, the website of the Walloon GR organisation; always consult that website for the latest situation)

Logistics info

Except in Eupen and in Dolhain, R-GR 563 does not come close to convenient train stations.
However, you can reach quite a few places on this route by bus, which is what we did. Buy a Mobib card and put a TEC multi-ride pass on it (Zone Horizon).
In our hiking reports, we give you the necessary info about the bus lines and the duration of the rides. Organise the bus trips from the larger centres in the region: Liège, Verviers, Eupen or Visé (all easily accessible by train). 


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1 day of walking = 8 days of health

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