Province LiègeDiscovering the province of Liège !

In the province of Liège you'll find several, and yet very diverse walking areas. The valleys of the Vesdre, the Ourthe and the Amblève, the East Cantons, the Pays de Herve, the High Fens, the area around Spa, the majestic Meuse valley, and parts of the Ardennes, the Condroz, the Famenne and the Hesbaye regions, there's enough possibilities to visit the province year after year, always finding something new.
No lack of hiking ideas in Liège. Wether it's GR and other long distance trails, junction networks or local hikes, the province has plenty of them. And they're all within easy reach, because the public transportation network is quite well developed.
Find a place to stay a number of days, or discover the province by means of daily excursions. To help you decide on what to do, we've developed a number of e-Walks in the province that are really worthwhile. Try them out and you'll be surprised about the rich diversity this small piece of Belgium has to offer.


Select an e-Walk

The list below shows the e-Walks we've prepared up to now.
The name of the e-Walk already tells you where the hike is situated. You'll also find some info such as the distance, wether it is a loop walk or a trip from A to B, and the difficulty of the walk.
Click on a link and you'll get detailed information on the e-Walk, as well as the possibility to download the e-Walk. 

   Aubel and the Val-Dieu abbey

Liège - Aubel | 15,7 km | Loop | 2/4

   High Fens 1 (Polleur, Bayehon and Ghaster rivers)

Liège - Waimes | 17,4 km or 16,6 km | Loop | 3/4

   Spa - Winamplanche - Creppe - Fagne de Malchamps - Spa

Liège - Spa | 19,2 km | Loop | 3/4

   Dolhain - Baelen - Membach - Limbourg - Dolhain

Liège - Dolhain | 14,6 km | Loop | 2/4

 5   Pepinster - Ensival - Tancrémont - Pepinster

Liège - Pepinster | 14,8 km | Loop | 2/4

   Chaudfontaine - Forêt - Trooz - Fraipont

Liège - Chaudfontaine | 18,1 km or 12 km | A to B | 3/4

 7   Theux - Sassor - Sasserotte - Marché - Jevoumont - Theux

Liège - Theux | 14,1 km or 12,3 km | Loop | 2/4

 8   Baraque Michel - Pont de Belleheid - Sart-lez-Spa - Spa

Liège - Waimes | 23,9 km, 16,4 km, 10,5 km | A to B | 3/4

 9   Stembert - Hèvremont - Limbourg - Gileppe - Stembert

Liège - Stembert | 20,7 km, 20 km or 18,3 km | Loop | 2/4


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