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e-Walks are walking guides in an electronic form. You install them on your smartphone or tablet, and you follow them with a hiking and navigation app such as OsmAnd (*).

An e-Walk is much more than a gpx file which shows only a hiking track. Besides the track, the e-Walk contains lots of information about all there is to see, to know and to experience along the way.

You follow the e-Walk track with the gps position indication on the map. Star-symbols show you where information has been added to the track. That can be a description about a place of interest, or a remark about the way to go, or other useful info about pitstops, lodgings, restaurants, train stations, bus stops... The info can also point to a website or a photo. Combined with all the info and possibilities offered by the navigation app and your smartphone, you have everyting you need to fully enjoy your e-Walk.

What is an e-Walk? 1


e-Walks are used offline

An e-Walk is a file containing all info you need for your hike. Because this file is present on your smartphone / tablet, you won't need an internet connection to work with it. Using the e-Walk file with apps like OsmAnd - that also work with offline maps -, this enables you to switch off all connections (telephone, data, internet) during your hike. The only function needed is your gps. Being offline will make your smartphone battery last a lot longer. 

Always worthwhile

Our e-Walks always show you the most beautiful, the most interesting and the most adventurous places and trails. They're based on many years of hiking the paths that cross Belgium.
During an e-Walk you'll follow GR-trails, as well as local hiking paths and itineraries we designed ourselves. That way an e-Walk always makes you discover something new, even if you're an experienced GR hiker.

What is an e-Walk? 2


Public transportation

We always see to it that our e-Walks can be reached by using the public transportation means.
Be it a loop walk, or a hike from A to B, you'll always get to the start of it by train, tram and/or bus. And when finished, you also leave by train, tram and/or bus.

For every taste

Browse through our e-Walks offering. Chances are that you'll find something to your liking.
e-Walks vary in length from short to longer hikes. They may be in the form of a loop, or they get you from A to B. They may be situated in beautiful natural surroundings, or they let you discover fascinating cities. They may be flat, slightly hilly or they may have a challenging altitude profile.
Maps per province show you where the e-Walks are situated.

What's an e-Walk? 3

What's an e-Walk? 3 bis 

A brief overview for each e-Walk

Each e-Walk is presented on a separate page, so you know what to expect before deciding to go for it or not. Where is the e-Walk situated? How can you reach the start, and how can you get back home? Is it a loop walk or an A to B hike? Is it a difficult or an easy walk? Are there any shops to provide for catering, are there pitstops along the way, and what is the altitude profile? You'll also find a short description and a number of pictures.

From the e-Walk's introduction page, you can download the gpx file that includes all documentation.

Download an e-Walk

The download provides you with a gpx file that contains all the information you need.
See to it that the gpx file is available on your smartphone / tablet, and then import it in your hiking / navigation app. You're ready to go !

Some e-Walks can be shortened. The overview page will show you 2 or more distances.
In that case the download will give you at least 2 gpx files: the main itinerary and the shorter one. See to it that you have both files available on your smartphone / tablet. That way it will be possible to eventually switch to the shorter distance even while you're already walking.

What is an e-Walk? 4


More explanations

If you want to make the most of your e-Walk, we suggest that you also read the 2 additonal pages that give you more explanations and hints on how to use your smartphone / tablet in combination with the OsmAnd app.

(*) The e-Walk gpx files work perfectly with the OsmAnd app. It's the app we always use ourselves.
We're aware that there are many more navigation and hiking apps available, but it's impossible for us to know and to test them all. However, we did have a look at some of them and found out that the e-Walk gpx files also work with ViewRanger, Locus Map and GPX Viewer. It's important that the app can function offline, and that it is capable of displaying the full contents of the POI's. 

And now you're all set to go !

We wish you lots of pleasant and interesting e-Walks!

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